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logoThat’s So Natural hair products were created for women of all nationalities and hair types. The founders understood that economics played a great part in the decision making of purchasing good hair product, while endeavouring to unite women. That's So Natural brings different demographics of women together; women with straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, and coarse hair all have something in common and that is a need for hair product that works, is affordable and one they’ll love! Consumers are becoming less black and white; That's So Natural addresses the movement of being a united front for women and address the need for a multicultural hair line.

The founders of That’s So Natural have immediate family members that are Caucasian, African- American, and Hispanic, and wanted to create product to meet their hair care needs. The founders of That’s So Natural developed the line to address the concerns that different textures of hair brings; curly textures, medium textures and coarse textures and also the need to address lack of moisture, dry hair/dry scalp, itchy scalp. Thus the desire to create a hair care product to address the concerns of ALL women with different textures!

Now that consumers are becoming aware of going "green' and "natural", the line is also conscious of certain earthly ingredients and has the following botanical ingredients in the products:

Argon Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil, Milk Protein, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Milk Protein, Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Honeysuckle, Peppermint Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Murumuru Butter, and Moringa Butter

The line was designed with botanical ingredients that will reconstruct and condition the hair and carefully formulated so that there is less build up and less irritation. Our products will nourish the cuticle and soften the hair shaft while reducing fly-away hair to improve the strength and condition of stressed hair.

That’s So Natural

“Where beautiful Hair begins with care”


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