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Murumuru Butter: Murumuru butter is pressed from the reddish-orange fruits of the Astrocaryum murumuru tree. This tall palm tree is native to Brazil and other regions of the Amazon. Its unique composition of essential fatty acids and Pro-vitamin A help restore elasticity to damaged and aging skin. It's highly moisturizing and is great for hair conditioning and protection. It's a natural emollient and is rich in pro-vitamin A.

Sweet Almond Oil: It is common knowledge that almonds are packed with nutrients and beneficial fats as well as being tasty snacks. However, the oil pressed from the seeds is equally beneficial to the skin and hair as well. Almond oil, like most all hair treatments does not actually create new hair growth. It does promote growth by keeping hair moisturized, healthy and less prone to breakage making hair growth more noticeable.

Milk Protein:
Your hair is made of proteins, which are necessary for tissue growth and repair. Healthy hair is the direct result of a healthy body and a nutritious diet that includes milk protein and may result in thick, shiny hair. If your hair is lacking body, moisture, resilience, shine, length, or gloss, milk proteins might just be what it is missing.

Abyssinian Oil: Abyssinian Oil has a unique molecular structure and is proven to produce a natural radiant luster to hair and will glide onto the surface forming a light continuous lipid layer providing lubricity. It protects the hair from friction and damage, helping to detangle the hair and lock in essential moisture.

Moringa Butter: Moringa Butter is good for hair and scalp because of the vitamins and minerals it contains and it is also useful in cleaning hair and scalp. It is hydrating and adds softness to hair care formulas.

Honeysuckle: Shampoos and conditioners with honeysuckle botanical give hair a silky softness by eliminating dryness and brittleness. They leave hair with an appealing fragrance.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has been in use as hair oil for ages and it has shown remarkable results. Certain components in it keep the hair strong, vitalized, nourished and protected from effects of aging. Coconut oil promotes hair growth because it shields hair protein, seals moisture, improves blood circulation and contains nutrients, rich in vitamins E and K and contains iron.

Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent. Its antiseptic properties help remove build up on the hair shaft that can be the result of product usage or minerals from the water in your home. It may also be used to stimulate hair growth.
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