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That’s So Natural Distributor Packet

Thank you for your interest in becoming a That’s So Natural (TSN) distributor. The information below should be helpful as you determine whether this opportunity is right for you. Please note the Instructions for how to be considered for a distributorship are at the bottom of the page.

Responsibilities of a TSN Distributor

A distributor of That’s So Natural products is responsible first and foremost, for serving the licensed cosmetologists in his or her area. This includes visiting salons on a regular basis and marketing TSN products.

However, TSN distributors are also responsible for the following:

  • Leading a local team of sales reps and TSN Educators to meet the needs of their customers
  • Managing the finances of their businesses properly
  • Ordering and managing local product inventory
  • Holding educational workshops and events as warranted in their markets
  • Marketing their businesses locally
  • Communicating market conditions to home office so the customers’ needs can be met more effectively

Key qualifications to become a distributor for That’s So Natural

A successful distributor candidate will possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He or she will have the skill set of an owner / operator of a distribution business. Given all of the responsibilities listed above, distributor candidates must possess the following:

  • Demonstrated successful business experience
  • Demonstrated successful sales experience
  • A passion for helping customers maintain successful businesses
  • Previous experience in the hair care industry

Distributor Information

Part Time vs. Full Time

Given the size of the responsibility and the opportunity, a successful candidate must be willing to work as a distributor on at least on a part time basis.

Additional requirements for a potential distributor

Upon becoming a distributor with That’s So Natural, LLC, there are resources that must be in place to ensure success.

  • Initial investment – Approximately $5,000. To be able to carry the entire TSN product line, a potential distributor must be able to make an initial investment of at least $5,000 in product. In addition, the distributor should have at least $5,000 in working capital to cover business expenses during the ramp up phase of the business.
  • Storage Facility – A potential distributor will need to secure a storage facility in which to store product.
  • Delivery Vehicle – A potential distributor will need to secure a vehicle (most likely a cargo van) large enough to carry the entire line of TSN products and serve salon customers.
  • Technology Requirements– A potential distributor must have a Windows compatible PC computer and high speed internet access in order to serve clients and maintain record keeping.

TSN training for its distributors

Each new distributor upon being awarded the distributorship in his/her area will benefit from intensive training held in the field.

Multiple distributors in the same area

TSN grants its distributors the right to distribute TSN products exclusively in their distribution areas. In return, we expect the same level of exclusivity.

Determining if there is a distributor in an area of interest

That’s So Natural, LLC is available for distribution in most major metropolitan areas within the U.S. Please contact us to learn if there is a distributor in your area or if there is an interest for distributorship. Please note that our distributors only serve licensed cosmetologist working in licensed salons. If you are a consumer seeking a retailer of That’s So Natural products in your area, please contact us for additional information.

Open areas

Currently, we are accepting requests in the following markets: Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Chicago, IL New York Other states/cities apply

Areas not on the list without a distributor

If your home area does not have a That’s So Natural distributor and it is not listed above, this may mean that your area does not have enough demand for our products to support a full-time distributor company, however we welcome your request for our products.

Retailing products as a stylist

If you are a stylist, your local distributor would be happy to assist you with getting started retailing our products.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist working in an area in which there is not a TSN distributor, please contact us.


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