• Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb water. The condition of the cuticle layer of the hair is directly related to the hair’s porosity. Hair that is resistant to penetration has a compact cuticle layer and is considered to be normal healthy hair. The porosity of hair can be categorized as low porosity, average porosity and/or high porosity.
  • Low porosity – Resistant hair: the hair’s ability to absorb water is low, and the cells of the cuticle layer are not raised, which prevents solutions from entering into the cortex layer of the hair.
  • Average porosity – Normal Hair: the cells of the cuticle layer are slightly raised.
  • High porosity – Dry, brittle or damaged hair: the hair strand may feel rough, and cuticle layer cells are raised. The porosity can be checked on dry hair by moving the thumb and fore finger up and down the single strand. Generally high porosity can be determined easily because the hair is usually in an extremely unhealthy state.


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